Two business men shaking handsWe know that you need to use your time wisely. jebswebs can help train your staff to do more with your website and technologies, making your organization more efficient.

jebswebs is available to do training in the following areas:

  • How to keep your web site content fresh, usable and accessible to all.
  • How to increase your site’s “search engine optimization” (SEO).
  • How to build and maintain a weblog/blog.
  • How to effectively use video on your web presence and ensure all visitors can access the content through the effective use of closed captioning.
  • How to use Facebook, and other social networking to enhance your business.
  • How to use e-mail marketing effectively.
  • How to offer on-line learning through the use of an on-line webinar platform like Adobe Connect.

Not on the list? Contact jebswebs and tell us what you need…


All professional services billed at $80 per hour plus expenses.


Photo credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by taxhaven

rev: 04/26/2021