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PHP Upgrade for MHS Plans

This notification is to inform you of a server upgrade.

In our ongoing effort to improve security and performance, we will be conducting necessary software upgrades on your server Thursday, October 19th at 2:00 am EST. Specifically, we will be upgrading the server from PHP v5.6 (native) to PHP v7.0. This PHP version upgrade will provide numerous behind the scenes enhancements including website performance. In addition to the PHP version upgrade, we will also
be installing security enhancement software at the same time.

These installs will require a reboot of the server which takes approximately 10 minutes.

What You Need To Do

The upgrade can cause issues with some websites. Please take a look at your site Thursday morning (October 20th) and let me know ( if you notice anything out of the ordinary.  If you do experience an issue and let us know asap, we will revert the upgrade back to PHP v5.6 for your site which will solve the issue.

We thank you for your continued business.



  • All servers functioning within normal limits.