This is a note to all jebswebs hosting customers from Maine Hosting Solutions:

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know our team is busy preparing for the possible arrival of Hurricane Lee. Although the storm is still several days out, we are proceeding with the implementation of our severe weather plan.

Our servers are not expected to experience any impact or downtime due to the redundancy and locations of our infrastructure. All data is safely backed up in multiple locations. However, due to potential widespread power outages expected throughout the North East Region, internet connectivity in general will most likely be affected.

Most of our team is physically located in Maine and Prince Edward Island. If we do experience a severe impact from the storm, our ability to support our customers via phone and email may be limited for a period of time.

We ask for your patience during and after this weather event, and ask that you also stay safe and prepared. Attached below are a couple of links with information about hurricane preparedness.

As always, we appreciate and value your business!

Maine Hosting Solutions Support Team


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