I recently “celebrated” my 15th year anniversary on Twitter, but given recent developments am reconsidering whether I will continue with that social media platform. All of the social media networks have significant problems with false information and distortion such that they can present a danger to some gullible individuals who apparently cannot tell the truth from fabrication. Rather than encouraging all of you to continue to participate, I have limited my activity (postings) on these platforms. Instead, I will be using this space for more of my commentary on accessibility and web development. I have removed my Twitter feed from the bottom of this home page.

I will also be experimenting with other platforms and assessing their veracity. I created a Mastodon account today and will play around with that for a few weeks to see if that has potential.

Stay safe out there and don’t take any “wooden nickels.”  And, if you don’t understand that reference you are probably in jeopardy so be extra careful.

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