Don’t be a victim – check with us first.

screenshot of domain scam letter

What the scam letter may look like!

Several jebswebs clients have been “hooked” by this scam.

You get this convincing letter in the mail that looks like an invoice to renew your domain name. You’re busy, it looks okay and you pay the bill. Problem is, you have been duped. This is not your domain name registry, these are crooks trying to steal your money!

At least one friend recently sent these people a check before checking with us. Fortunately, they were able to cancel their check and move on, although it did cost a fee to cancel the check.

Don’t you be next.

Our friends at Maine Hosting Solutions have published this nice blog entry about the scam.

The short of it is, when you get a letter/invoice for your domain name, check with jebswebs to see if it is legitimate.