WordPress 5.0 is hereFor those jebswebs customers with access to the backend (administrative) side of your WordPress website, you will notice that there is an new version of WordPress (version 5.0) now available to download and install. As this is a MAJOR upgrade to the WordPress platform, we anticipate that there may be issues with the migration process. As a precaution, we will not be updating sites immediately and will be testing the installation before proceeding further. We will keep you appraised as the process continues.

At the very least, WordPress 5.0 comes with a dramatically different text editor interface that will be sure to cause confusion to many as it is like no other editor on the market. While the idea and design of this new interface is innovative, there are major concerns in the accessible web design community. There will be an option to install a version of the “old” legacy text editor for the time being and we have decided to go that route when we update you site to WordPress 5.0. We will keep you posted on the jebswebs news page as we progress with the migration process.

Thank you for your business.


Image credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by sommer in hamburg