Thumbs upWe have successfully moved nearly all of our customers’ WordPress installations to the new version 5.0 (codename: bebo). One site use GoDaddy hosting, so that will be delayed.

With the exception of one beta site, the migration went flawlessly. As noted all sites will continue to use the “classic editor” as opposed to the new “block editor” originally known as Gutenberg. The classic editor remains the same with all the same functionality as before and continues to be fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Since none of the customer sites were built or populated with Gutenberg, we are fairly certain all content continues to be accessibility in the new installation. But we will be testing each site over the next few days to ensure that is the case.

We thank you for your patience as the migration process has been completed.

Happy Holidays from jebswebs!

PS: You may read more about WordPress v5.0 here…