Words "access" on a computer keyboardThe good folks at WebAIM have repeated their 2013 survey of folks with low vision who use digital and on-line content. WebAIM also conducts almost annual surveys of people who use screen reader assistive technology (AT). 

This WebAIM low vision users survey in September 2018 yielded results from 248 people. Of this group, 45% used screen readers and 68% of respondents use 2 or more types of assistive technology including various AT that controls the size, color and contrast of content on their digital display screens. 

Some interesting findings

When asked, “How often do you quit reading information from the computer (such as an article on the web or instructions in a document) and not finish it because the text is too hard to read comfortably?”

  • Two-thirds (66%) reported they quit “occasionally” to “often”
  • 12.3% reported they never experience text as being too hard to read comfortably.

When asked, “Which of the following best describes your feelings regarding the accessibility of web content over the previous year?” 

  • The survey results indicated, “Respondents were generally optimistic about change over time with slightly increased optimism since 2013. Respondents with very poor vision were less optimistic than respondents with moderate vision.”
  • 34.8% reported “Web content has become more accessible in the past year”

When asked, “In general, how accessible are social media web sites to you?”

  • The survey results indicated, “Compared to responses in 2013, respondents are increasingly positive about the accessibility of social media sites. Respondents with higher levels of reported internet proficiency were more likely to indicate that social media sites are more accessible to them.”
  • 72% reported Social Media was Somewhat Accessible or Very Accessible.

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