Apparently in the latest iteration of MS-Office 365, the Word application now provides some “assistance” when entering an image/picture to a document by creating some suggested Alternative Description language and a dialog box asking you, “How would you describe this picture and its contents to someone who is blind? (1 – 2 sentences recommended).” Then it gives you a recommended Alt description (not very sophisticated, I might add) which you can/should edit.

I just noticed this new “feature” this morning and will research it further. Feel free to comment here or on WebAIM listserv.

Here are some screen shots – click on image to enlarge:

Screenshot of MS Word showing new ALT description detail

Another screen shot showing the seal of the president of the united states with a superimposed suggested Alt description


UPDATE: 11:07 AM

On further investigating, I have discovered that if you use the “suggested” Alt Description generated by “an intelligent service,” it pops up as a “warning”when you run the MS Accessibility Checker. See image that shows a screenshot…

Screenshot showing New image tested with MS Accessibility Checker

If you use the link at the end of this dialog box, entitled “Read more about making documents accessible”, you will be routed to this resource page…