Web Accessibility Tip for September

This is one of my pet peeves.

I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled to get a link or action item to work on a handheld device, be it iPhone, iPad or other tablet device. Developers need to stop thinking that everyone is viewing their web creations on a 23″ monitor using a mouse. Those days are GONE!

Tip: Spacing between clickable elements

If adjacent links, buttons, checkboxes, or other controls are too close, they can be difficult to accurately activate for users who may not have fine motor control, those using small-screen mobile devices, or others. Ensure that clickable elements have adequate spacing between them. For small clickable elements, such as checkboxes, ensure that there is a sufficiently large clickable area, including the associated form control label.

For more information about web accessibility, please visit the WebAIM website.External link

See also information about how you can subscribe to the monthly WebAIM Newsletter which contains lots of great information about web accessibility.

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