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Key in the shape of the word AccessFor years, we have been re-posting the “Web Accessibility Tip of the Month” – which come from our friends at WebAIM – on the Maine CITE website. The “tip” is short and sweet, often something that a designer/developer or content creator can integrate into their work plan with ease. We’ve decided to share it here with you as well.

This is a product of WebAIM, published in their monthly newsletter. If you like it, you can subscribe to the WebAIM newsletter with this link.

We’ll try to remember to re-post it here as well.

Here is the July tip:

Quick Tip: Link Type Indicators

While not required by accessibility guidelines, it is a good idea to inform users when a link goes to non-HTML content (such as a PDF file or Word document). It can be frustrating to activate a link and then realize that the link requires an external program or viewer. An icon (e.g., PDF - Plugin required with appropriate alternative text) or text, such as “(PDF)”, is sufficient. It is vital that the link type indicator icon or text be placed within the link, otherwise this information is readily available to sighted users, but not presented as part of the link for screen reader users.


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