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Busy Winter

We recently completed two design projects that were started last summer. The reasons for the delay had nothing to the client or the site, it was just, well, one of those things.

Screen shot Maine AIMIn the first case, we completely redesigned the Maine AIM Program website and converted all of the content from a Drupal site. The new layout and design is modern, yet classical and fits with the mission of the organization which is all about creating accessible educational materials – think textbooks – for students. The WordPress version – which also meets web accessibility standards – will make it easier for Maine AIM Program staff to do their own updates and edits – one of our major goals for all of our clients. Check our the Maine AIM Program’s new website…

The second project had to wait until the winter because it is a business on the coast of Maine that is VERY busy the rest of the Screen shot of Common Tableyear. We originally developed the Common Table website using good old Front Page with HTML many years ago. We tried to keep it up, but as more and more web content is moving to content management systems like WordPress, the more it became important to get with the times. Sparking the need to change was the desire of Deb and Bob, Common Table’s owners, to make their site mobile ready. With WordPress core and the beautiful Chosen WordPress theme we easily accomplished this and made the site more secure and user friendly. We know they will be happy when lots of customers come knocking at their door. Check out the Common Table’s new website…


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