Accessible Web Design Resources

Key in the shape of the word AccessI am always on the lookout for articles, handouts, graphics, and applications that help people understand the importance of  accessible web design. But the challenge is often trying to find resources that are not too “geeky” or too simple; like Goldilocks, I want one that is “just right.”

Earlier today, I read an article describing the colors web designers use most often in creating websites. I would categorize “The Colors Used by the Ten Most Popular Sites” by Paul Hebert as high on the “geeky” Stimpmeter. But the article does provide good information/data about colors used which is important if you are like me and think that there is way too much gray on white, and other low contrast color combinations. Color contrast issues, it case you don’t know, it probably the number one problem on the web when it comes to accessible design.

Anyway, I came across this other article “The Ultimate Guide to Web Content Accessibility” by Jake Rocheleau that might fit in the “just right” category. Granted, the pretentious title caught my eye and primed me to be disappointed, but I wasn’t and, though I’m not ready to call it the “ultimate” anything, I found this article to be useful in summarizing the right stuff and explaining things fully. It is still an article primarily geared toward developers and designers and I have added “The Ultimate Guide…” to my resources list as a keeper.

Now my challenge is to find something a little easier to understand for the 99% of web content creators who know nothing about accessibility.


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