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Quick tips about text readability

Thumbs upThe following brief set of tips was recently published in the WebAIM Newsletter. I thought they were very useful and hopefully posting them here will help them find a wider audience.

See more information about text/typographical layout issues and accessibility on the WebAIM website.


Keep the following guidelines in mind for displaying text:

  • Avoid very small text. This not only impacts some users with low vision, but many users with cognitive disabilities as well.
  • While serif fonts (e.g., Times) are more readable when printed, both serif and sans-serif fonts are appropriate when displaying body text onscreen, as long as the font is clean and readable.
  • Underlined text should be avoided, except to designate links.
  • Minimize the number of different fonts used on a page. Two to three fonts is optimal.
  • ALL CAPS should be used minimally. It is more difficult to read and is often interpreted as “shouting.” Additionally, screen readers may read all-caps text letter by letter (like an acronym) rather than as full words.


Photo credit: Image licensed through Creative Commons by .reid

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