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Coleman is in the house

All jebswebs sites using WordPress and our hosting will be updated to the latest version of WordPress – “Coleman” – version 4.5. Updates will take a few hours and all accounts should be completed by the end of the day. If you experience any difficulty with your website following the update, please contact us immediately. Here’s more info about “Coleman”…… Continue Reading Coleman is in the house

Will ‘ALT Tags’ soon be a thing of the past?

A year or so ago, I was meeting with a group of disability coordinators from the state college system and I was speaking about new and exciting assistive technologies and services that were just over the horizon. I mentioned some “chatter” I had been reading about, something that Google was working on: the ability to automatically determine the content of… Continue Reading Will ‘ALT Tags’ soon be a thing of the past?

WordPress and Security

We at jebswebs take web security very seriously. Whenever new information comes forth, we make sure we understand the news and integrate it into actions that improve our services to our customers. A recent report from WordFence, a company that focuses on security issues and WordPress websites, details information about how WordPress websites are often compromised in terms of security.… Continue Reading WordPress and Security