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The ALTernative Debate

Recently there has been a discussion in the WebAIM listserv regarding an apparent new “service” being developed by the Google research people. For those who have not heard about Research at Google, this is the section of Google that is devoted to expanding the Googleverse with new and interesting stuff. And, if a makes a few extra bucks for Google’s stockholders,… Continue Reading The ALTernative Debate

Vimeo video service adds captioning option

I was most pleased to receive an e-mail from Vimeo announcing a partnership with Amara, an organization that provides a system to create closed captioning for on-line videos. Over the years, some of our clients have chosen to use Vimeo to host/stream their video content because, unlike YouTube, Vimeo did not restrict the length of the video uploads to under… Continue Reading Vimeo video service adds captioning option

New servers on the way

If you are hosting your website on Maine Hosting Solutions through jebswebs, we have an important announcement: Maine Hosting Solutions is pleased to announce that we are upgrading! This upgrade includes brand new state of the art servers which your account(s) will be moved to. This move is in keeping with our long range vision of providing the very best… Continue Reading New servers on the way